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Ipoh is the state capital of Perak, on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia.

[edit] Understand
Ipoh developed into one of Malaysia's main cities due to the booming tin mining industry around the turn of the 19th century. During the British colonial era, Ipoh was Malaysia's second city for administration purposes. There are several notable buildings from the British Colonial era such as the railway station and the town hall. The population of Ipoh is about 70% of Chinese origin

These days Ipoh is perhaps best known for its excellent restaurants, hawkers, and famous local dishes.

Within Ipoh
Ipoh Old Town has much character and contains many marks of its colonial past including:

Padang Ipoh or Ipoh Field is located on Jalan S.P. Seenivasagam. The field is a well kept and surrounded by many historic buildings that feature classic colonial architecture, including the mock-tudor style Ipoh Club, FMS Bar, HSBC Building and the magnificant St Michael's Institution secondary school.
The Ipoh Railway Station. It bears similar architecture to that of the Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station and is nicknamed the "Taj Mahal of Ipoh"
Ipoh Town Hall located across the road from the Railway Station also features some interesting gothic architecture.
Muzium Darul Ridzuan is an interesting historical museum of Perak, located in a pretty former tin-mining tycoon's mansion on Jalan Kuala Kangsar
Mariamman kovil is an ancient Tamilian temple more than 50 years old .Not only it is a religieous in nature but also a place for discourses and on sundays children are given an introduction to verses in tamil.Located in Jalan Sungai pari buntong, just before the bridge on river
[edit] Around Ipoh
Kellie's Castle, the deserted mansion of an eccentric Scottish planter, is in Batu Gajah, half an hour's drive from Ipoh city center. Its main appeal lies in the belief that it is haunted and that secret passages leading to hidden chambers exist. A taxi will cost you around RM 50 - 60 and they will usually wait for an hour (which is long enough to look around). There is an entrance fee to the castle.
Perak Tong (Perak Cave) is located at Gunung Tasek and houses over 40 Buddha statues and many murals. There is a steep, tall staircase in the interior of the cave rising up to the top of its hill, where one is greeted by a beautiful and panoramic view of Ipoh and its surroundings. The statue of Buddha in Perak Tong is the tallest and largest of its kind in Malaysia. Perak Tong was built in 1926 by a Buddhist priest from China.
Sam Poh Tong (Cavern of Triple Gems) is a Chinese temple located at Gunung Rapat near the Simpang Pulai Toll exit(less than 10 minutes drive from the toll). The temple is built within a limestone cave. It has a popular attraction: a tortoise pond which houses hundreds of tortoises and terrapins (a symbol of longevity) of various sizes. There are several other cave temples immediately next to Sam Poh Tong, for example Nan Tian Tong. They have been renovated recently and now stands colourful buddha statues and chinese zodiac animals for children and adults to ride on and take pictures. Right outside Sam Poh Tong is the infamous Pamelo stalls next to the main road.
Kek Lok Tong (or Kek Look Tong, Cavern of Ultimate Bliss) [3], a cave temple that lies on the other side of the same limestone hill as Sam Poh Tong, is accessible only through Gunung Rapat housing area. Hence, Kek Lok Tong has a cleaner, quieter and more cooling environment and has the best scenic view from the cave.
[edit][add listing] Do
Rock Climbing at The Lost World of Tambun,The 400 million year old limestone cliffs that surround the park with fun of Wet park, amusement park, twin waterfall sandy beach, natural hot springs and the home to a family of big cats.Recently, 6 world's top rock climbers from Mammut Pro Team gathered to climb the “Needle of Tambun” 80-meter stand alone rock formation. Within its vicinity, there are total 50 routes available for rock climbers’ enthusiasts.
Vertical Adventure (Outdoor Adventure Activities, Rock Climbing,Wall Climbing), The Lost World of Tambun, [4]. Day trip outdoor rock climbing at The Lost World of Tambun,It's suitable for every fitness age and gender at all grades, whether you goes solo, with family and friend or with an entire group, you're sure to enjoy the excitement in climbing natural rock. edit
Caving. Gua Tempurung is the largest limestone cave in Peninsular Malaysia and is believed to have been in existence since 8000BC. Located close to the North South Highway's Gopeng Exit, it provides the opportunity to explore in detail the insides of a limestone cave. You can choose to experience a short tour of the cave or adventure into the deep ends of the cave that includes trekking in a cave river and other uneven terrain.
Explore Tambun, once a small town north of the city, with city growth it is now a close suburb to the city centre. Tambun has been traditionally known for its juicy pomelo fruit and the Tambun Hot Springs.,Soaking in these hot springs is said to bring health benefits to the body because of the high sulfur content in the water. Also in Tambun, is Ipoh's only water theme park, The Lost World of Tambun. It provides great rides and entertainment for families and also organizes tours into the nearby limestone caves for those interested in eco-tourism. It recently opened a Petting Zoo that allows children the opportunity to feed and pet a variety of animals.
Jungle Trekking - Trek up the one of the many trails up the Menglembu Hills in the Menglembu/Kledang area to enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the limestone outcrops that surround Ipoh. If unsure of how to get to these trails, just ask the many locals who trek up daily in the early mornings and late evenings.
Ulu Geroh and Rafflesia flower, Be an ecotourist and experience the rainforest here. This is an Orang Asli kampung about one hour's drive into the hills east of Gopeng. The last half of the ride is along a rough road (4x4 preferred) through rubber, durian and oil palm plantations to the village on the edge of the rainforest. Guides from the Orang Asli community take visitors to see the parasitic Rafflesia flower (the largest flower in the world) and the Raja Brooke's Birdwing butterfly as well as other forest bugs, plants, etc. There's also a small but beautiful waterfall. Apart from Rafflesia watching, jungle hiking, caving and white water rafting can be organized. Online booking via the Ulu Geroh website [5] might be possible.You will need your IC or passport number for the visitor log book. Basic accommodation is available at Ulu Geroh itself or in a rural setting at three nearby eco-resorts:
My Gopeng Resort [6]
Rumah Rehat Adeline [7]
Gopeng Rainforest Resort [8].
Golf at the many golf courses around the city. The Perak Royal Golf Club is the oldest of the golf courses located close to the city centre but there are also great golf courses at Clearwater Sanctuary in Batu Gajah and Meru Valley in Jelapang. Both Clearwater Sanctuary and Meru Valley provide accommodation that make a golfing holiday all the more convenient.

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